contact & program bookings

  1. Contact Jörn at or 0403 586 943.
  1. You’re also very welcome to visit us at our office on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Please just call or email ahead so we can be sure we’re not out running one of our programs. We’ll tell you where you can find us.
  1. For custom training for your own teams, please call or email.
  1. To check out our R.U.S.H.2PITCH, R.U.S.H.2MEET, R.U.S.H.2FUND and R.U.S.H.2TEACH group programs with others from different walks of life, please see our listings on Humantix.
  1. To give us feedback, suggestions and even gifts, please let Jörn know. He’s keen to know some of the good stuff and all of the not so good stuff. It’s our only way we’ll keep getting better at what we’re keen to remain the best at.