Jörn, R.U.S.H. facilitator

Jörn’s been a speech writer for some of Australia’s top executives. He’s worked with scientists to help them raise research funds. And he’s trained media personalities from various sectors.

His passion is seeing people move people. Be it in how they conduct themselves in front of a camera, or an auditorium. Or even in a weekly progress meeting.

Outside of our workshops he tries to surf, raise his little boy to never be ‘that guy’, and often takes pen to paper to note some of the absurdities of life. Just for his own pleasure.

Grant’s made criminals weep and models care. He’s trained hundreds of actors for screen and stage, some of his proteges regularly dancing across the TVs up and down Australia.

His skill is to give others the ability to raise audiences to their feet. Willing to pay good money to see and hear more of them.

His style is empathetic but robust. Which he’s learned is the best approach for imparting skills in the least amount of time

Grant, Conduct coach