Best training ever.

Learning only happens when the training is great.

My objective is simple: the workshops I run must be the best anyone's ever attended. (So far so great, as I only charge when reviews are excellent)

It's the minimum I can do, given that this training must be life-changing.

Because the better speeches are the more wonder they create, the greater the solutions will be, the richer the perspectives are and the more energised change becomes.

Great presentations make a better world. For everyone. 


principal trainer 

I'm fastidious about remaining a boutique dedicated to extracting as much learning as possible from every workshop.

I've dedicated myself to delivering the best learning by leading workshops, coaching individuals, and developing training for teams.

I started in life & death communications, intercepting enemy communications for the Defence Force's Signals Core.  I went on to graduated in communications science and psychology. And spent three decades working corporate communications in the East, West and the developing world. For large technology organisations and international communications consultancies.

I'm an accomplished author, writer and experienced trainer. I calculate in German, am a keen surfer and only get anxious when presenting to children. or faced with baloons.

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